Full Face Snorkeling Masks

Full Face Snorkeling Masks

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1. Breathe Easy Full Face Diving Mask - Underwater snorkel mask! Super-large the chambered compartment allows you breathing comfortably through nose & mouth.

 2. Equipped with camera mount, easily attached to GoPro camera

 3. Physical Anti-fog Technology

 4. Drain valve design for draining away the water by raising up your head when water leaking

 5. Heat insulation - Breathing chamber creates airflow away from lens, it prevents from heating up on the interior.

 6. Non-distortion Lens - Flat HD lens, make sure the view is very clear without distortion.

 7. adjustable elastic fabric headband design, suitable for all kinds of head shape prevents hair from twining.

 8. Liquid silicone Material Comfortable Fit & Excellent Seal

 9. Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities


10. Never Compromises. We Use Only High-grade Premium Silicon And Injection Molding Processes 





1. We’d like remind our customer to choose the right size according to the size map.

 2. Make sure snorkel mask is fitted tightly on face before snorkeling. BEARD or HAIR might cause the leakage and fogging. Please don’t use sun cream which won’t work properly, but also will cause leak.

 3. Surface Snorkeling - Our full face snorkel mask is designed to optimize surface snorkeling experiences. Serious free diving deeper than 6-8 feet below surface not recommended.


4.Use the mask properly will also reduce mist up. Make sure that the nose silicone parts grab on your face and water ≥ 18 °C anti-fog system is optimum.


Package Contents:    


1 x Diving Mask,  

1 x Breathing Tube,
1 x Bag of Mounting Accessories
1 x Mesh Bag for Storage


not inlude GoPro Camera  


The comes in a variety of color combination options allowing you to pick a full-face snorkel mask that fits your style.  



With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:  

If it measures less than 12cm (4.7in), choose size S/M

If it measures more than 12cm (4.7in), choose size L/X


180° FULL FACE DESIGN - makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling. Our mask provides a 180° viewing area- the biggest of any snorkel mask on the market today guaranteeing that you will see more fish and sea creatures than ever before. With our integrated GoPro Mount you can easily attach your GoPro camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family.


ANTI-FOG DESIGN- There is nothing worse than dealing with a mask that is constantly fogging up. Our innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.


UV RAINBOW COATING -Exclusive UV Protection coating, ensure clear view under strong sunlight and Protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. makes the world brighter! Bright and attention-grabbing Rainbow mirror lenses HD will give you a picture full of bright colours. A view of the underwater world through these lenses is much sharper and brighter than through the usual transparent polycarbonate ones.

EASY TO USE-  so you spend less time fussing with equipment and more time enjoying your snorkeling experience.


KIDS AND YOUTH- will love the way the mask works as they are learning to snorkel and swim with their head in the water. Plus they will think it's so cool to be able to breathe underwater!4



The durable silicone insert creates a comfortable watertight seal that will keep you snorkeling all day. Any water that does get in simply drains out the one way chin valve when you tilt your head back.IMG_7852IMG_7853

Our innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing area and helps eliminate fogging.Z104


You'll see way more than you ever have before. The lens has been designed and refined to allow for optimal undistorted visibility and maximum field of vision.06




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